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Video September 30, 2022

Hanging from a Branch by Your Teeth

John Tarrant

Predicament koans give a nod to the perilous, loony nature of life right now. It is the dangerous situation of being alive—anything can happen. Linji said, “We can’t stay here long,” so relish it! Even in the middle of a disaster you can have a marvelous time. What constitutes a predicament? You oppose what is happening, by overlaying what should be going on. Music for meditation from Jordan McConnell & Michael Wilding. Recorded in the Sunday Temple on September 11, 2022.

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Dharma Theme June 11, 2022

Dharma Theme: John Tarrant’s Zenosaurus Koans 1–19

John Tarrant

ZENOSAURUS: 19 Koans with introductions and commentaries from John Tarrant, as first published on his website, tarrantworks.

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