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Text October 30, 2023

Front Foot & Back Foot Walking

John Tarrant

One of the metaphors for awakening is spring. And don’t be afraid of how marvelous and powerful this thing is that’s carrying us, because it’s your nature and it’s a precious thing. And if we came here for anything, it’s that.

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Video July 28, 2022

On the Meaning and Importance of Kanzeon

John Tarrant

John answers a question at Summer Sesshin about the Sutra, and the Bodhisattva Guanyin’s importance in Zen. 3 minutes.

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Sutra Book & Ceremonies March 24, 2022

Dedication: Funeral Service

John Tarrant

The bare bones structure of a PZI Funeral Service begins with the koan, “Where do we go when we die?” and includes the Heart Sutra and the Kanzeon Sutra of Endless Life.

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Audio March 7, 2022

Kanzeon: 10-Verse Chant

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell on guitar and singing the 10-verse chant to the compassionate one: Kanzeon, or Guanyin. Recorded on March 6, 2022.

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Audio December 28, 2021
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Audio February 1, 2021

Kanzeon Chanted by PZI Sesshin Sangha

Richie Domingue

PZI Sesshin- Kanzeon, chanted by the whole group led by Richie Domingue during sesshin Sutra Service.

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