July 19 2020

Audio August 8, 2020

Machado Poem: Traveler There is No Road – Eduardo Fuentes & John Tarrant Roshi Read

Eduardo Fuentes, John Tarrant

Audio – Excerpt from John Tarrant’s Green Glade Zen Online Sunday Meditation July 19th, 2020. Eduardo Fuentes first reads a Machado poem: ‘Traveler There is No Road’ in Spanish from his home in Santiago Chile, John Tarrant repeats the same poem in English and finally Eduardo reads it again in the Spanish. As recorded July 19 2020.

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Audio July 21, 2020

Held by Emptiness

John Tarrant

Audio: PZI Zen online – A framework in our practice for relying on emptiness & freedom. Not holding preset views. Blessing things beyond approval and disapproval. I am you = emptiness. In Zen we shift to ‘before’ the demons grabbed our ankles. You can’t rely on what you believe. We ‘accord’ with the Dao. We can’t fall out of the dream. As recorded July 19 2020

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