Jordan McConnell

Audio November 29, 2020

Music: Jordan McConnell on Guitar: Journey Into Awakening, Recorded Nov. 29th

Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online – Jordan McConnell plays during Sunday meditation. As recorded Nov. 29 2020.

4' 17"
Audio October 22, 2020

Jordan McConnell & Jon Joseph Roshi – Zen Speaking in Guitar

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online: Koan: Say Something Without Moving your Lips & Tongue. Zen and music – Jordan’s path to zen. Creative process and how koan work influences his music, craft and vice versa. As recorded Oct. 19 2020.

70' 18"
Audio September 9, 2020

Everyone Has Their Own Light with John Tarrant Roshi

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – Hanging Lanterns at the Gates of the Autumn Temple – As old agreements fall apart, practice is a kindness to yourself. What is the image of our time: A lamp that lights another without losing any radiance. It carries a moment of change with the warmth of fire. What is meditation: Any moment of sanity. As recorded, Sept. 6 2020. Michael Wilding Flute, Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher, violin prelude and Jordan McConnell 4 vows.

85' 43"
Audio August 22, 2020

Four Boundless Vows Recorded Live – Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

PZI Audio – A gift to us all from Jordan McConnell – his version of the four boundless vows recorded in his studio without the added anomalies of zoom! Thank you Jordan.

2' 14"
Audio May 11, 2020

The Woman at the Inn

John Tarrant

Audio: Zen Online. John Tarrant on Mother’s Day sits with Hakuin’s : ‘The Woman at the the Inn’. Everything shines with a great light. Even in the shit! The mind thinks- not here, this can’t be it. Includes music by Ritchie Domingue, Jordan McConnell and Amy Fletcher. As recorded May 10 2020.

101' 56"
Audio March 29, 2020

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online: The session includes John’s intro and koan, a long silent meditation segment with guitar by Jordan McConnell. John gives the koan and other guidance throughout the meditation segment followed by a talk and some comments. Closing bells, violin, & 4 vows with PZI Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher. As recorded March 29, 2020.

74' 42"