heart sutra

Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Sutra Service with Amaryllis Fletcher & Jordan McConnell Oct 4

Allison Atwill, Jordan McConnell

PZI Fall Sesshin: Sutra service in the afternoon during sesshin. Featuring Amaryllis Fletcher – cantor & violin. Jordan McConnell – vocals & guitar. As recorded October 4 2020.

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Text September 11, 2020

The Journey, the Reaching, & Luopu’s Last Words

John Tarrant

There was a teacher called Luopu, a Chinese teacher, and he said this interesting thing. He said, “You have to directly realize the source outside of the teachings.” That’s the whole thing about it. That’s Bodhidharma’s thing, the direct realization outside of scriptures. The scriptures are nice and the teachings are nice, but really, the direct understanding—the direct meeting with life—the direct meeting with awakening is the thing.

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Audio August 8, 2020

Audio Excerpt: Guanyin In the Pavilion – Introduction Tess Beasley & Sara Bender Roshi

Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

Audio Excerpt – An introduction to the many faces of the Goddess Guanyin with Tess Beasley & Sarah Bender Roshi. As recorded Aug 2, 2020.

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Video June 19, 2018

Heart Sutra Variations

John Tarrant

John Tarrant gives a talk on Tuesday Evening of the 2018 Summer Sesshin. June 12, 2018.

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Text November 15, 2017

The Moon Sets at Midnight

John Tarrant

We have such a passion to know and to be certain but, in practice, much of what we think of as knowledge is just untested thoughts. As the Heart Sutra says, even thoughts are empty, and if we are willing not to know, willing to walk through life without believing every thought that rises, then we’ll find a path out of suffering.

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