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front foot & back foot walking

Text October 30, 2023

Front Foot & Back Foot Walking

John Tarrant

One of the metaphors for awakening is spring. And don’t be afraid of how marvelous and powerful this thing is that’s carrying us, because it’s your nature and it’s a precious thing. And if we came here for anything, it’s that.

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Video July 29, 2022

Forms of Awakening

John Tarrant

Kensho is a real thing—and you can’t pin it down. Awakening takes many and varied forms. Long to really understand reality, and have the joy of that. From a talk given during Summer Sesshin on June 17, 2022. 12 minutes.

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Video July 29, 2022

How the Great Matter Works Is Not Your Business!

John Tarrant

Have confidence in the light that’s always working inside you: don’t pretend it’s not there. And when you don’t feel good, that’s the back foot walking. It’s not heartless—it’s the great matter. From an evening talk given in Summer Sesshin on June 17, 2022. 4 minutes.

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