Audio August 12, 2020

Guanyin Touches the Earth – In the Pavilion Under the August Moon with Michelle Riddle Sensei

Michelle Riddle

Audio – PZI Zen Online – Guanyin in the Pavilion with Michelle Riddle Sensei -Touching earth as Guanyin. Falling – Layman Pang and his daughter Ling Zhao fall together. The subtle and varied flavor of Guanyin’s manifestations – her/his shape/form/gender shifting qualities. As recorded August 9 2020. Michael Wilding on flute, Jordan Guitar. Amaryllis Fletcher, violin.

92' 13"
Audio July 10, 2020

Be a Tiger at Home in the Mountains

John Tarrant, Michelle Riddle

PZI Zen Online Audio: Into the Cave of the Blue Dragon, Summer Sesshin. Sesshin opening with John Tarrant & Michelle Riddle. John talks about meditation on sesshin. Stories: District Mistress Fan & Yuan Wu, “so near at hand.” Tabor’s poem. So easy to think I am not enough. Xing Quin “One drop, just ink – 2 drops a dragon is born.” We are each in community and discovering together. Yunmen’s Talking to a Rock. Alan Watts – Letting go, “Don’t prevent the world from falling apart.” Be a tiger at home in the mountains. Closing prayer: Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher, Jordan McConnell on guitar. The four vows. Jon Joseph Roshi’s evening words. As recorded Thursday, June 25 2020.

38' 16"
Audio April 3, 2020

Layman Pang Falls Down

Tess Beasley

PZI Zen Online Audio: Layman Pang and his daughter Ling Chou fall down for different reasons in this koan. Tess leads the group through meditation and a talk on how the koan entered her life, followed by comment from other meditators on the nature of intimacy. Some silent meditation segments are included. As recorded March 30 2020.

69' 25"