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Celtic music

Audio March 11, 2024

Isn’t This the Sound? A Night of Celtic Pub Music in the Zendo

Jordan McConnell

It is a grand tradition in Irish and Scottish pubs for musicians to join jam sessions which break up only when the sun peeks over the hayfields. That kind of amazing musical collaboration involves hundreds of songs over dozens of hours. Jordan McConnell: “We would be in the middle of a piece of music and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Something’s about to change, but I’ve no idea what’s coming up.’ Then my hand goes to where it needs to be and my mind just follows along.”

74' 26"
Audio October 22, 2020

Zen Speaks Guitar – Jordan McConnell & Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online: Koan—”Say Something Without Moving Your Lips & Tongue.” Zen and music. Jordan’s path to zen, creative process and how koan work influences his music, craft and vice versa. As recorded Oct 19 2020.

70' 18"
Audio October 22, 2020

Miriam’s Waltz – Celtic Music with Jordan McConnell

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online – Jordan finishes up a session talking about his music and zen connection to his work as Jon Joseph Roshi’s guest. Miriam’s Waltz – Celtic ballad. As recorded Oct. 19 2020.