Audio January 21, 2021

Sesshin Closing Ceremony: Dedication & Thanks to Ancestors with Richie Domingue

Richie Domingue

PZI Sesshin Closing Ceremony – dedication and thank to our ancestors. Music written & performed by Richie Domingue.

3' 24"
Audio November 11, 2020

On the Banks of the Ghost River – The Ballad of Tam Lin, Part 1

John Tarrant, Tess Beasley

PZI 1 Day retreat – Part 1, Morning Session of On the Banks of the Ghost River with John Tarrant & Tess Beasley. John Reads the Ballad of Tam Lin in which a brave girl helps her lover, caught in the Faery Queens’s caterhaugh, transform. Dharma talk and comments from participants. Complete session as recorded Oct. 31 2020.

104' 6"
Video February 3, 2020

Ancestors & Fires – SRCZC

John Tarrant

John’s Monthly talk at SRCZC November – The time of year for ghosts, memories. We’ve just come through another disastrous fire season. Our ancestors survived fires , plagues, famines great crossings. John reads the teaching on the great zen temple fire of 1374 in which hundreds of thousands of precious texts were incinerated – and yet the temple master told them all had survived – this principle of teachings that nourish us beyond scripture is the core of Zen.

47' 10"
Video January 11, 2020

Leaning Into the Ancestors – SRCZC

John Tarrant

John’s SRCZC talk on impermanence and rawness of feeling after the great fires in CA and Queensland. He reflects on the importance of internalizing the teachings and the nourishment of our ancestors within us- outside of our normal paths. Teachings after the great Engakuji fire in Chan koan history. The practice of talking to the ancestors – human or otherwise a source of great knowledge.

47' 10"