Text September 13, 2020

PZI Dharma Theme – Guanyin In the Pavilion Under the August Moon

Allison Atwill, Michelle Riddle, Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

PZI Dharma Theme: “Guanyin Manifesting in the Elements: Space, Earth, Water, Air, Fire.” A Dharma Theme? It’s a gathering, a curation of events from our vast KALPA library, based in a theme that is current in our online sessions and practice. We’re offering a compilation of various types of files: transcript, audio, art, music, and video—all from PZI teachers.

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Audio September 10, 2020

Excerpt: Guanyin Air – Breath Arising Sarah Bender Roshi

Sarah Bender

PZI Zen Online Audio Excerpt- Guantin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon – The call and response of compassionate exchanges – air as breath of life. Anchored in the Heart Sutra. Dream of a room, barely there full of gifts for all times and places. As recorded August 23 2020.

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