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Video March 29, 2023

I Vow: The Four Boundless Vows, A Cappella

Jesse Cardin

A beautiful, personal a cappella rendition of the four boundless vows from Jesse Cardin Roshi, sung at the end of the Red Thread Sunday Zen session with guest host Tess Beasley. Recorded March 26, 2023.

2' 24"
Audio October 24, 2022

Fall Sesshin 2022: Jordan McConnell Sings Now Westlin Winds

Jordan McConnell

A gorgeous lilting ballad, “Now Westlin’ Winds,” sung a cappella by Jordan McConnell, of all things red thread and the passions of fall: hunters shooting, wild birds taking flight, and the field of love. The ballad is also known as “Song composed in August,” a Robert Burns song-poem, written around 1783. Recorded on October 7th, 2022 in Fall Sesshin.

4' 45"