2017 January Sesshin

Audio December 3, 2019

I Am the ‘Lead Off Batter ‘ In My Life

David Weinstein

The question Who Am I?, opens my ability to enter the space that is always there. Getting to base as the ‘lead-off batter’ in koan practice.

48' 35"
Audio December 3, 2019

The Consequences of Asking: Who Am I?

John Tarrant

Inquiring into being a Me, a Who, a Somebody, into What am I?, I lose ‘myself’ and then ‘Everything is true’! Why doesn’t that awareness stay? More interesting to have fun than to be ‘somebody’, but we cling to that. Asking ‘Who am I?’ has a subversive quality: it undoes the world you’re in, your identity. Then the radiance of the universe comes towards you, you’re drenched with the universe, because you’re not in the way.

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Audio December 3, 2019
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Audio December 3, 2019

Who Are We Together?

Steven Grant

Steven talks about who we are together in response to the koan: Who Am I? Inquiry and discernment. Awareness as meditation.

49' 58"
Audio November 15, 2019

Who Am I?

Allison Atwill

The question Who am I! is at the heart of Chan’s origin and our practice. Allison talks about the two states of mind this question evokes: the openness of being vs the making of the ‘me’.

68' 36"
Audio November 15, 2019

Waking Up in Difficult Times

John Tarrant

Recorded Friday evening at PZI’s Winter Sesshin January 2017 on  the eve of the inauguration. John Tarrant talks about waking up in a difficult time – when the ship is blown off course into demon country!

56' 21"
Audio November 27, 2017

Amaryllis Plays Bach on Violin

Amaryllis Fletcher

Amaryllis plays Bach on violin during January Sesshin. 2017.

21' 12"