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Great Silence at the Beginning


What falls away at year’s end? Beginnings and endings are linked to uncertainty. If we can allow it, we learn to rest in that and find beauty in that mystery. In this season there is often a deep internal retreat, followed by the stirring of the new. What is it that is unfolding? Who am I? Can I hold the paradox of emptiness and form as I experience what is unfolding in my life?


Tess Beasley leads the first of four January Sundays in the PZI Online Temple.

Out of great silence comes the new year, new moment, new life.

We somehow arrive without having left, and eternity sneaks into view amongst all that ends and begins again.

Ancestors gather in the shape of trees, teachers return from long ago bearing gifts and invitations. The seeds of being, buried deep in the ground, begin to stir with dreams of becoming.

Practice becomes a way of turning toward all that appears and disappears in our lives, and of tending the vastness that is always moving through.

January 8: Tess Beasley & Co

January 15: Jesse Cardin & Co
January 22: Allison Atwill & Co

January 29: All

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