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Zhaozhou's True Buddha (MK56)(BCR96)


a. The Buddha made of wood won’t pass through fire;
if she does, she will surely burn.
b. The Buddha made of clay won’t pass through water;
if he does, he will surely drown.
c. The Buddha made of gold won’t pass through a furnace;
if she does, she will surely melt.
d. The true Buddha is sitting in the house.

—PZI MK Case 56 & Blue Cliff Record Case 96 (PZI version)

See also: Zhaozhou’s Three Turning Words transl. by John Tarrant & Joan Sutherland

Audio June 11, 2020

When All Buddhas Are Destroyed, What Remains?

Jesse Cardin

PZI Zen Online: Zhaozhou said, “Clay Buddhas cannot pass through water; metal Buddhas cannot pass through a furnace; wooden Buddhas cannot pass through fire.” Which Buddha survives? The mid loves its ideas, structures, concepts and so does society. Some of those constructs are always dissolving. Discomfort of change in society norms and our own personal norms. As recorded June 10, 2020.

61' 55"