Zhaozhou’s Dog (BS18)

Audio April 21, 2020

‘Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? NO!’ PZI Zen Online Recorded April 9th, 2020

David Parks

Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? NO! Allowing the things of the world to come close and open the heart to the enormity of what this is.

52' 15"
Text November 15, 2017

Starter Kit for the Koan “No”

John Tarrant

A monk once asked Master Joshu, “Has a dog the Buddha Nature or not?” Joshu said, “No!”

284 Words
Video June 26, 2017

Stories of NO

Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton, Roshi offers a talk on what it’s like to live with the koan “Does a dog have Buddha nature? No.”

24' 34"