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What Is It You Lack (MK38e)


In your life right now, what is it you lack, what is it that practice must mend?

—PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 38e, (Record of Linji)

Audio October 27, 2022

Fall Sesshin 2022: Dahui’s Journey, Bodhidharma’s Response, & the Marvelous Duke

John Tarrant

Sesshin is an embrace which allows greater freedom to appear, and it is deeply mysterious. We don’t do it for a particular outcome or we would be constraining ourselves. We are free and easy wandering. In the koan, Emperor Wu wants a method and a first principle of the holy teaching. Bodhidharma answers, There isn’t a principle! You can’t confine it. Chan is trusting uncertainty, it is not something to be believed. Vows from Amanda Boughton, closing words from Tess Beasley. Complete session recorded on October 7, 2022.

72' 59"
Audio December 3, 2019

Linji & Me, Finding the Way

David Weinstein

David and his history with Linji’s teachings, a story of ‘sleepy zazen,’ the arc of a practice and how his ideas of what practice would deliver changed. Meeting the disturbing practice of Zen koans!

51' 0"