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The Buddha Responds to an Outsider (GG32)


An outsider asked the World-Honored One, “I do not ask for words; I do not ask for what has no words.” The World-Honored One just sat still.

The outsider praised him, saying, “The World-Honored One with his great compassion and mercy has opened the clouds of my delusion and enabled me to enter the Way,” then made bows and left.

Ananda asked, “What did that outsider realize to praise you like that?”

The World-Honored One said, “That outsider is like the fine horse who runs even at the shadow of a whip.”
—Gateless Gate, Case 32 (Wumen)

Audio November 23, 2021

On Being the Worst Horse, the One Buddha Loves

John Tarrant

Who wants to be the worst horse? No one. But Buddha loves the worst horse. John Tarrant on worst horse experiences and the merits of not striving to go beyond where we are. If I am the worst horse then my Buddha nature is there. Music from Michael Wilding, Todd Geist sings vows.

68' 11"