Suddenly It's Midnight

Audio January 26, 2021

The Firstness of Things & A Face in the Dark

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online: Handing Things On in the Dark. The dark silent time of the year has lasted for 9 months, in Covid. “The whole meaning of your life is in the current matter happening now.” No explaining it—”To be deeply in zen is to be deeply in how to express it.” First vaccines too, and the mysterious freedoms. John Tarrant welcomes the new year and tours the deep thick dark of midnight. He reads poems by Gerard Manly Hopkins, Anna Swir, Czeslaw Milosz and more. Music from Jordan McConnell & Amaryllis Fletcher. As recorded Jan 3 2021.

51' 30"
Audio January 25, 2021

Excerpt: The Firstness of Things – the New Year 2021

John Tarrant

Audio Excerpt: Handing Things on in the Dark – the freshness of the new year. The dark silent time of the year. ‘To be deeply in zen is to be deeply in how to express it.’ The mysterious freedoms of the dark. Jan. 3 2021; 2 minutes

1' 59"
Audio December 23, 2020

Excerpt: Journey into Awakening – Promising Darkness

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online: The last Journey Into Awakening on the last Sunday of 2020. Meeting the intangible in the dark. Showing up for mysterious possibility. Trusting the mystery to make a feast of this strange time. Zen is familiar with impossible tasks! Showing up for them is a blessing for others too. As recorded Dec 20 2020. 15 minutes.

15' 7"