Ikkyu's Well (MK22)

Audio July 21, 2020

Held by Emptiness

John Tarrant

Audio: PZI Zen online – A framework in our practice for relying on emptiness & freedom. Not holding preset views. Blessing things beyond approval and disapproval. I am you = emptiness. In Zen we shift to ‘before’ the demons grabbed our ankles. You can’t rely on what you believe. We ‘accord’ with the Dao. We can’t fall out of the dream. As recorded July 19 2020

94' 45"
Text November 13, 2019

The Story of the Well Painting

Allison Atwill

I want to describe the process that I went through over the last year, of making the painting, and I want to do that in the spirit of when something
arises, don’t believe it, and shine your light on it. So in a year, a lot of things can arise not to believe, and they did. But even, if you’re in the meditation hall, five minutes is
probably long enough for plenty to arrive not to believe in.

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