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How Do You Cross a Stream? (Record of Dongshan)


Shenshan was crossing a river with his dharma brother Dongshan. Dongshan said, “Don’t make a mistake with your steps and slip into the current.”
Shenshan said, “If I make a mistake with my steps, then I won’t live to cross the river.”
Dongshan said, “What is the state without mistakes?”
Shenshan said, “Now I’m crossing the river with the Ancestor.”

Video July 29, 2022

Forms of Awakening

John Tarrant

Kensho is a real thing—and you can’t pin it down. Awakening takes many and varied forms. Long to really understand reality, and have the joy of that. From a talk given during Summer Sesshin on June 17, 2022. 12 minutes.

12' 7"
Video January 20, 2018
25' 51"