Hongzhi's Called Back From the Dream (MK34)

Audio May 26, 2020

Before There is Moonlight – First Rank of Dongshan’s Five Ranks

Jon Joseph

PZI Zen Online – We are in a time ‘before moonlight’ with covid and massive unemployment that has resulted- with great unknowns ahead. Dreams in zen are not so different from waking life. We make up stories about what will happen. But we are passing through a gate of meeting and not recognizing. How do you make your way? Step by step. As recorded May 25.

94' 15"
Audio November 14, 2019
47' 55"
Video February 25, 2018

This Twilight World of Dreams

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph gives a talk on the twilight world – Sambhogakaya and the three bodies at the 2017 Summer sesshin.

17' 23"
Video January 20, 2018

Descending Through White Clouds

Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton gives a talk during the Summer 2017 sesshin. July 22, 2017.

24' 4"