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Give Me the Reaching


A student said, “Master, I am reaching for the light—please help me!”
Yunmen replied, “Forget the light; give me the reaching!”

—Case 33 (Yunmen)


Article September 10, 2021

A Beautiful Wish (You Are the Sun…)

John Tarrant

The desire for a more beautiful life is ancient and enduring. In medieval times it meant dressing in bright silks and having long and colorful processions; the desire was poured into objects, too, into paintings and cathedrals with stained glass windows. Inside the desire for a more beautiful life is the desire for a more beautiful character.

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Audio June 4, 2020

Yunmen’s Inward & Outward Radiance

Allison Atwill

In times of chaos, disturbance, and disintegration—your own experience and distress is the fundamental key to Zen. “What is most urgent for me?” Yunmen throws the questioner back into their own field: “The very you that’s afraid they do not have the answer.” We are born into particular radiance of ‘not two’ and gradually take on separation. If we rest in who we are, we let the universe see us. PZI Zen Online talk as recorded June 2, 2020.

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Audio November 14, 2019
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