Fayan's Students Roll Up the Blinds (GG26)

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Misc December 17, 2017

Two Monks

Allison Atwill

Allison Atwill, “Two Monks,” 2015. Acrylic on birch panel with gold leaf, 30″ x 40″.

Text November 24, 2017

Navigating a Disaster: How Do We Do This?

Rachel Boughton

“How to deal with difficult times is fundamental for a spiritual practice, and really, for any human life. There’s birth and death, to start with, and then there is all the conflict and uncertainty that happens in between.” January 2017.

1627 Words
Text November 24, 2017

Fire…Living at the Corner of Lucky and Unlucky

Rachel Boughton

“Koan: Two monks roll up the blinds in exactly the same way. The teacher looks at them and says, ‘One gains, one loses.'” October 17, 2017.

1608 Words