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Dongshan's Each Stitch


Shenshan was mending clothes when Dongshan asked, “What are you doing?”
“Mending,” said Shenshan.
“How is it going?” asked Dongshan.
“One stitch follows another,” said Shenshan.
“We’ve been traveling together for twenty years and you’re still talking like that!” said Dongshan. “How can you be so clueless?”
“How do you mend, then?”
“With each stitch the whole earth is spewing flames,” said Dongshan.

—Record of Dongshan, Case 30

Video June 30, 2017

Dongshan’s Each Stitch Spews Flames

Allison Atwill

Speaking about Dongshan’s Each Stitch koan, Allison tells a story of recognizing awakening can come from anywhere when we can truly inhabit life as our own.

25' 17"