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Dongshan Sick (BS94)


When Dongshan was not feeling well, someone said, “Teacher, you are not feeling well. Is there anyone who doesn’t get sick?”
Dongshan said, “Yes, there is.”
“Does the person who doesn’t get sick take care of you?”
Dongshan said, “I have the opportunity to take care of the person.”
“What happens when you take care of that person?”
Dongshan said, “At that time, I don’t see the sickness.”

—Book of Serenity, Case 94


Dharma Theme August 2, 2023

Dharma Theme: Sickness and Medicine

PZI Teachers

Usually, casually, I think of myself as being well. When I am sick, wellness is the me I imagine I’ll get back to. I can’t always be sure what is healing and what is the opposite.

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Audio April 29, 2021

One Who Is Not Sick

David Parks

David Parks Roshi of Blue Grass Zen in Kentucky continues with the koans of Dongshan. Dharma talk: The One Who Is Not Sick, PZI Zen Online. As recorded April 22, 2021.

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