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Dancing Mountains (MK5)


Make the mountains dance.

Note: Zaogongen is the local deity for one of the shamanic traditions in Japan (the Yamabushi) and it is said that the revelation of the tradition is to see Zaogongen as the mountains dancing.

—PZI Miscellanous Koans, Case 5


Dharma Theme July 26, 2023
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Dharma Theme March 22, 2023

Dharma Theme: In the Wild – Mountain Koans & Poems

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Eventually you come to a place where you can’t go on and you can’t go back. You have arrived at the base of cliffs; you can’t scale them, you can’t get around them, and there’s no handy tunnel through them. It’s a daunting place—that’s the point of it. And when you arrive here your life and your journey can become your own.

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Audio August 16, 2021

Changing Places with the Night Sky – Make the Mountains Dance!

John Tarrant

Make the Mountains Dance! Enjoy the life you have—side with the wisdom field, side with the koan. All of life is solved already. What do I do next? Keep meditating!

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