Dalung's What Is the Mysterious


The student asked the teacher, “What is the mysterious?”
Dalung said, “The breeze brings the water’s voice close to my pillow, the moon carries the mountain’s shadow near my bed.”

Note: Dalung means “Heavenly Dragon”

Audio June 2, 2021
10' 22"
Audio June 2, 2021

Free & Easy Wandering Series: Mysterious Meetings in a Mysterious Time

John Tarrant

We’ve been in a long monastic retreat during this pandemic. Time has slowed. We are opening up gradually now to the world, as more people are vaccinated. We realize we are not going back to anything. The time is changing. We’re all stepping off into the mysterious. Musician: Jordan McConnell. PZI Zen Online: Sunday talk as recorded May 23, 2021.

113' 20"