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Bodhisattva Vows

The Ten Bodhisattva Vows

I vow not to kill
I vow not to steal
I vow not to misuse sex
I vow not to lie
I vow not to misuse drugs/intoxicants
I vow not to gossip
I vow not to praise myself at the expense of others
I vow not to be stingy
I vow not to use anger
I vow not to disparage the teaching or my companions on the Way

—PZI Vows as Koans

Text November 2, 2023

The Way Things Are Is Mysterious and Hard to See

Allison Atwill, Jesse Cardin, Tess Beasley

Allison, Tess and Jesse lead us into the heart of PZI practice—what it means to take refuge, how to work with vows as koans, and how, at its root, our life in itself before we’ve improved it is an expression of the Bodhisattva Way.

7365 Words
Audio July 24, 2023

Refuge Changes You

John Tarrant, Tess Beasley

Refuge is a path that opens a way toward life and awakening. Life is paradoxical, and with refuge a new responsiveness emerges, which introduces more freedom into any given situation—it prompts a response that accords with all things. John and Tess discuss the nature of refuge, origin of rakusus, Zen names and more.

48' 12"
Video July 22, 2022

Summer Sesshin: Journey of Refuge

Tess Beasley

Tess Beasley describes touchstones of the journey for participants taking refuge vows at Summer Sesshin. Refuge entails committing to the vows as koans, a ceremony with teachers and community, and receiving the rakusu. Complete talk in Summer Sesshin on June 18, 2022.

52' 35"
Video May 17, 2022

How the Precepts Arrive in Your Life

Allison Atwill

Allison Atwill talks about the way that awakening arrives: in a particular form, only for you, an encounter among all other possibilities in all the galaxies. Precepts speak to us when we feel separate from others—we are in the realm of the precepts, and freedom is possible. Recorded April 27, 2021. 3 minutes.

5' 10"