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A Woman Comes Out of Meditation (GG42)


Once in the ancient days of the World-Honored One, Manjusri went to the place where Buddhas were assembled, and found that all the Buddhas were departing for their original dwelling places. Only one person remained, sitting in samadhi close to the Buddha Shakyamuni’s throne.

Manjusri asked the Buddha, “Why can that person be near the Buddha’s throne while I cannot?” The Buddha said, “Just awaken her and raise her up out of samadhi and ask her yourself.” Manjusri walked around her three times, snapped his fingers once, took her up to the Brahman heaven, and exerted all his supernatural powers, but he could not raise her up out of samadhi.

The World-Honored One said, “Even a hundred or a thousand Manjusris could not bring this person out of samadhi. Down below, past twelve hundred million lands as innumerable as the sands of the Ganges, is the Bodhisattva Momyo [of delusion]. He will be able to rouse her from her samadhi.

Instantly, the Bodhisattva Momyo emerged from out of the earth and made a bow to the World-Honored One, who then gave his command. The Bodhisattva went before the woman and snapped his fingers once. At this, she came out of samadhi.

—Gateless Gate Case 42

Audio July 29, 2020

Girl Power! To Wake or Not Wake A Girl From Samadhi

Sarah Bender

Audio PZI Zen Online: Sarah Bender Roshi unfolds a beautiful guided koan meditation from GGcase 42. Who is this mysterious girl who keeps company with Shakyamuni? She who can not be wakened except by ‘Delusive Wisdom’ or Momiyo from the underworld? When did she arrive? In moments of separation what wakes us? What is this insistence that wakes us? Waking or not waking it is all ‘an elegant performance!’ As recorded July 8 2020

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