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KALPA FAQs – How to find what you are looking for in the PZI Library


KALPA FAQ’s – How to find what you are looking for in the PZI Library.

What is a ‘tag’? (—it’s a theme, topic, or keyword!)

Can I search the KALPA using a tag? Yes. Click on a tag in any file. It’s an active link, and will deliver a search result of all files indexed with that tag. Here’s one for ‘light’.

What texts correspond to the abbreviation tags found in KALPA files? Guide page

I want to browse teachings from a particular teacher. Use the dropdown menu of teacher names in the navigation bar. Click on a name, and you’ll see all files connected to that teacher.

How can I find recorded talks for a particular sesshin or retreat? Use the date as a search subject, or use the tag Summer Sesshin, Fall Sesshin, or Winter Sesshin—plus the year—to get a sesshin-only result.

I want to read transcripts of talks, how do I find those? Select text’ from the navigation bar, then scroll the resulting page to browse transcribed texts. Use the search tool at the top right of the nav bar to find a specific text.

How far back does the library go? We have audio tapes, texts and short videos starting in the 1990’s. Here is one from 1998

Is there a PZI Sutra book in the KALPA? Yes! Our wonderful musicians are adding to this book, which now contains mostly sheet music and some sutra lyrics. By Winter Sesshin we will have words to all sutras and music.

Are there shorter excerpts of talks, meditations, and music in the KALPA? Use the search tool with ‘excerpt’ as the subject. This category is expanding – excerpts will be added regularly, so check in from time to time to see what’s new.

  • I’ve just listened to a great talk how can I find a transcript? Not all  Audios or Video files have been transcribed. If they do, when you search for the title those files, they will show up as text files. There is a link in all audio and video files which include text: Show Transcription. Transcript files link to their Audio counterparts.( If you would like to volunteer to transcribe talks we’d be thrilled and welcome the help. This is an ongoing Temple Project)
  • How do I download an audio file so I can listen offline? Every Audio file has a small golden cloud icon just beneath the play arrow. Click on this and you will get a save as option to save the file to your computer, ipad or phone. Once saved you can access the file and listen/transfer it to a mobile device.