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End of Sesshin Dedication


PZI Sesshin Dedication, generally read (or sung) at the end of sesshin to send participants on their way, in joy.

End of sesshin dedication is a bridge between retreat and the return to the
world. It is also a blessing for taking the way of koans into the heart of the world.
End of sesshin dedication:
Sonoma County
The world comes to meet us now,
an immense palace full of dreams.
Fountains and wild beasts play in the gardens,
there are trees made of stars,
there are endings.
In the foundries the fires burn all night,
in the drawing rooms there are smiles, envy,
and a kindness older than pain.
Thanks to the deer in the moonlight,
the redwoods, the sun and the rain;
anonymous brown birds scratching in the leaves;
the small, green leafed trillium.
The hawks cry out again and again:
in this world we will not be alone.
Without words, beyond thought,
trees and buildings open a path,
feet find it,
splash through pools,
crossing the black tarmac and the soft grass—
may you have joy and be welcome,
may you have joy on the roads.