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Dharma Theme: Zen Tuesdays – Immensity is Tapping


PZI Dharma Theme: Four PZI Guanyins reappear for Zen Tuesdays in October. They marvel at the immensity in all things from various perspectives. Drawing inspiration from Jane Hirshfield’s poem, “Tree,” The Doors’ “Light My Fire,” a golden crowned sparrow, a remarkable brother’s life, and more. Excerpts and complete audio sessions as recorded in October 2020.

What is a PZI Dharma Theme?

These are curated events from our vast KALPA library, based in a theme that is current in our sessions and practice. So, a compilation of various types of files: transcript, audio, art, music, and video.

Featuring four women teachers of Pacific Zen Institute and Open Source Teachers: Allison Atwill RoshiTess Beasley SenseiSarah Bender RoshiMichelle Riddle Sensei


Awakening Tapping on Your Window: Encountering the Immensity of Life


Poet Jane Hirshfield writes, “softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life.” In Zen we call that awakening. This four-part series will explore practice as a fundamentally creative act, whereby we discover that we ourselves are that immensity, and learn to listen more closely to the humming intelligence of all life.

October Zen Tuesdays – Meditation & Talks with 4 Notable Teachers

AUDIO: October 6 – Tess Beasley Sensei – When Will You Meet Today?

AUDIO: October 13 – Allison Atwill Roshi – The Doors of Perception

AUDIO: October 20 – Michelle Riddle Sensei – Wash Your Bowls

AUDIO: October 27 – Sarah Bender Roshi – Immensity Is tapping

AUDIO EXCERPT: Oct 20 – Michelle Riddle Sensei – Wash Your Bowls

AUDIO EXCERPT: Oct 27 – Sarah Bender Roshi – Dharma Talk