Dharma Theme: Pacific Zen Institute Sutra Book


A collection of Pacific Zen Institute’s Sutra Service & Sesshin Closing Ceremony materials. Includes all Sutras, with sheet music as available, text, lyrics, readings, and audio of original Dedications for Remembrance.

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Here you will find all files related to PZI Sutra Services.

This selection includes all available audio files, sheet music, lyrics, texts, readings, cantor notes, and more. We will add more as we collect them.

Audio: Sutra Service- Fall Sesshin October 3 2020

Pacific Zen Institute Texts and Services – Sutra Service
The Ceremony of Taking Refuge in the Boddhisatva Way
Densho Sequence
All Buddhas
Cross On Over
Enmei Jikku Kannon Gyo
Four Vows
Heart Sutra
Purification Melody and Chords
Sho Sai Myo (alto, tenor)
Ten Line Guanyin Sutra of Endless Life

—Dedication for Remembrance with Rachel Boughton Roshi

Audio: Dedication for Remembrance 2

—Dedication for Remembrance & Thanks to Ancestors: Original versions with Richie Domingue

Audio: For Healing

Audio: Dedication for Remembrance

Audio: Dedication includes Centuries of Nameless Women