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Dharma Theme: Metamorphosis – Fall Sesshin 2021


Here is a curation of our Fall Sesshin dharma talks on a single page, for easy finding and listening. A sesshin is always more than the sum of its parts or its recorded talks. There are morning rituals, greetings, incense passed magically through the screen, the changing light, rich silences, moments of humor, tech gremlins, tears, synchronicities, dogs barking, dreams, and awakenings that we share. It is the timeless play of the universe, with each other. As recorded in the PZI Digital Temple, October 19-24, 2021.

The Sound of the Distant Temple Bell  — from the Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans

To win your way through, to meet awakening, to pass through the barrier of life and death; in this life you will become a fox, a star, the Loch Ness Monster, a mountain dancing, a tree in a high wind, a fire, a river, a flying bird, a woman running an inn long ago, a temple bell.

In autumn we are captured—red grapes fall off the backs of trucks, fires burn the vineyards and the new house where we took shelter, Persephone goes down into the underworld to see her difficult husband.

We witness the changes; metamorphosis is underway. This is a rousing sesshin devoted to the Miscellaneous Koans—the collection that opens the marvelous nature of the world and awakening. Enter here.

PZI Teachers: John Tarrant, Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jon Joseph,
David Parks, Michelle Riddle, David Weinstein, & Eduardo Fuentes
Heads of Practice: Jan Brogan & Chris Gaffney

Here are the Fall Sesshin Dharma Talks, along with musical excerpts from Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher and musicians Jordan McConnell, Amanda Boughton, & Michael Wilding. All talks are listed by day, in consecutive order.

October 19 Opening Night, Tuesday Evening Dharma Talk:
Welcome to Fall Sesshin with John Tarrant & Michelle Riddle (coming soon)

AUDIO: October 20 Wednesday Morning Dharma Talk:
Koan Practice or Not? & Going Beyond Form with David Weinstein

AUDIO: October 20 Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk: Ikkyu’s Well &
The Miscellaneous Koans with John Tarrant. Music from Michael Wilding, & 4 Vows with Amanda Boughton

AUDIO: October 21 Thursday Morning Dharma Talk:
Dreams of the World, Teachers & Ancestors with Jon Joseph

AUDIO: October 21 Thursday Evening Dharma Talk:
Mysterious Tasks & Impossible Problems with John Tarrant

AUDIO: October 22 Friday Morning Dharma Talk:
Not Knowing & The Mysterious Ungraspable World with Eduardo Fuentes

AUDIO: October 22 Friday Evening Dharma Talk:
Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds with John Tarrant

AUDIO: October 23 Saturday Morning Dharma Talk:
Recipes for Happiness & The Life of Santoka
with Tess Beasley

AUDIO: October 23 Saturday Evening Dharma Talk:
The Stone Drenched With Rain – Your Own Awakening with Allison Atwill

October 24 Closing Day with John Tarrant, Michelle Riddle & PZI Teachers

AUDIO: Sutra Services (coming soon)