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Predicament Koan 3

Video September 30, 2022

Opening Talk on the Great Kalpa Fire Predicament Koan

John Tarrant

The 3rd of John Tarrant’s Sunday series on predicament koans. John talks about the Great Kalpa Fire koan. A kalpa is a great age, eon, or universe. Opening Talk excerpted from Sunday Zen on September 18, 2022. (Complete Sunday Zen video also available.)

18' 29"
Video September 27, 2022

The Great Kalpa Fire – A Predicament Koan

John Tarrant

The great cataclysmic fire at the end of the universe is us, is in our hands, because there is no separation. A student asks three teachers the same question: “At the end of the universe, will everything be destroyed?” and gets different answers. It is like asking, “Do you think I am really going to die?” and then getting three opinions. Complete Sunday Talk recorded September 18, 2022.

74' 47"