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Video March 7, 2024

Zen Luminaries: The Zen of Therapy – Jon Joseph in Conversation with Psychiatrist & Author Mark Epstein

Jon Joseph

For years, Dr. Epstein kept his Buddhist beliefs separate from his work as a psychiatrist. Becoming more open about his spiritual leanings, he was surprised how many of his patients were eager to learn more. Jon Joseph hosts Mark Epstein, MD, for a conversation about the intersection of Buddhism and the practice of psychotherapy. With comments from John Tarrant, Allison Atwill and Joan Sutherland.

82' 3"
Video January 2, 2024

Three Vipassani Find Koans: Susan Pollak, Doug Phillips & Ewen Arnold in conversation with Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph hosts a lively panel discussion with three members of our PZI sangha whose practice and teaching includes Vipassana and Koan Zen. He asks, How have you found koan work to be similar to or different from Vipassana? What Vipassana techniques do you bring into your Zen teaching?

73' 40"