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Video August 15, 2023

The Nobility of Having a Practice

John Tarrant

Meditation gets us away from reaching and grasping and winning and losing and honor and disgrace. This lack of ulterior motive makes meditation a friendly time. All our daily reaching and grasping and getting somehow sticks to us and when we meditate it unsticks and falls off. With music for meditation from Jordan McConnell & Michael Wilding.

49' 8"
Video January 17, 2023

Great Silence at the Beginning: Arriving Here! Silence All Around Us

Tess Beasley

Entering into great silence. What is appearing, in this new year? A guided meditation with Tess Beasley from the first Sunday Zen session of the new year. Recorded January 8, 2023. 5 minutes.

6' 2"
Video August 17, 2022

Harmonizing with the Dao – Nothing Has To Be Wrong

John Tarrant

A guided koan meditation from John Tarrant. Allowing the koans to have you when you work with them is the same as opening to your life. There are no steps to the Way. You are already free, and there will be unexpected help on difficult paths. August 7, 2022. 10 minutes.

10' 5"
Video July 13, 2022

Control Is Not Your Friend

John Tarrant

Relax into your meditation like a bird falls into the air. Practice is always here for you. We’re having this dream, now—we can’t hold onto it. Recorded at Summer Sesshin on June 14th, 2022. 4 minutes.

4' 3"
Video June 18, 2022

Points of Practice: Getting Stuck, Getting Free

John Tarrant

In our Zen practice, there comes a time when you can feel stuck. John Tarrant talks about how to navigate this. Recorded June 12, 2022. 3-minute video.

3' 0"
Video October 24, 2018

Your Life is Right Here

John Tarrant

John’s evening talking is brief, yet poignant. There is a light and a joy and they are here now. It doesn’t wait until you improve yourself, your partner, enemy, or live in a different colored state.

6' 58"
Video July 11, 2017

16 Bodhisattvas Soaking in a Bath

John Tarrant

Soaking in the meditation bath with other students of the way is the topic of this dharma talk. October 17, 2012.

49' 4"
Video July 6, 2017

Taking Care of Yourself on Retreat

Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton, Sensei, talks about working with koans and being kind to yourself at a long meditation retreat. July 14, 2014.

31' 38"
Video June 30, 2017

Radical Transparency and Koans as Frenemies

Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton, at the June-July sesshin held at Land of Medicine Buddha, talks hackers, privacy, and zen koans in an age of technology.

19' 36"