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Video May 1, 2024

Zen Luminaries: Saving the Earth, Helping the People: A Visit with Governor Jerry Brown

Jon Joseph

Throughout Governor Jerry Brown’s half century of politics—one of the most fascinating and effective public careers in California history—there has always run a deep moral and religious stream. Brown talks with co-hosts Jon Joseph, John Tarrant and David Weinstein about his evolving quest for an authentic spiritual and political life.

92' 30"
Video June 8, 2023

Stories from Kyoto & the Ancient Road Home

Tess Beasley

Tess reports on her pilgrimage along ancient temple paths in Kyoto, Japan. But one need not travel so far to meet the Buddha. Entering the garden of your own life is enough. Complete session recorded May 21, 2023, with music from Michael Wilding and Jordan McConnell.

69' 58"
Video February 14, 2023

Zen Luminaries: A Flower Twirled – Jon Joseph in Conversation with David Weinstein & Ruben Habito

David Weinstein, Jon Joseph

Zen Luminary Ruben Habito, a former Jesuit priest, studied Zen in Kamakura with Koun Yamada and there met David Weinstein and Jon Joseph. The three reminisce about their zendo time and the warm, welcoming teacher they found in Yamada. January 30, 2023.

90' 31"