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Video January 25, 2023

Zen Luminary: Silent Illumination with Chan Scholar GuoGu

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph talks with scholar and Chan Teacher GuoGu about his book, Silent Illumination, on the literary genius of Zen master Hongzhi, whose teaching evolved during the height of 12th century Chan. GuoGu discusses the subtleties and great freedom inherent in Chan, from its flourishing in the Sung Dynasty to the current day.

88' 32"
Video May 27, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Morten Schlutter Chan Scholar & Historian with Jon Joseph: On Hongzhi & Dahui

Jon Joseph

Jon joseph and Morten Schlutter – Koan study in Song Dynasty. Diverse teachings of Dahui & Hongzhi and a bit on their lifelong relationship in the dharma- 4min recorded May 23, 2022

5' 31"