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Video June 6, 2022
13' 50"
Video May 30, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Morten Schlütter on Women in Chan

Jon Joseph

Zen Luminary Morten Schlutter with Jon Joseph on Japanese Zen vs Chinese Chan; Women Ordained in Chan & Dahui’s teaching style in Chan. 4 min

4' 28"
Video May 27, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Morten Schlutter Chan Scholar & Historian with Jon Joseph: On Hongzhi & Dahui

Jon Joseph

Jon joseph and Morten Schlutter – Koan study in Song Dynasty. Diverse teachings of Dahui & Hongzhi and a bit on their lifelong relationship in the dharma- 4min recorded May 23, 2022

5' 31"
Video February 2, 2020

Linji’s Was I at Fault or Not?

Jon Joseph

Revisiting the big koans on his personal path: What is being a teacher? What is succession? Jon talks about Linji’s path to enlightenment – his teachers Huangbo and Dayu conspire to help him. Jon reflects on his recent visit to Japan and the Chan zendo in Kamakura, his warmth and gratitude for Yamada and his teachings. Our ancestors in the Chan lineage.

45' 31"