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Why Can't a Clear-eyed Person Cut the Red Thread? (MK30c)


Why can’t a clear-eyed person cut the red thread?

—PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 30c

From Songyuan Chongyue’s Three Turning Words:

a. Why can’t the person of great strength lift up her leg?
b. Say something without moving your lips or tongue.
c. Why can’t a clear-eyed person cut the red thread?

Video April 1, 2023

The Red Thread

Tess Beasley

The red thread holds all the great forces, the fraught encounters, and intense relationships with people. Why are we so entangled? Will we find a place of ease and peace that severs the complications of the red thread? Is that even a good idea? Connection is a way we understand our own hearts. Complete Sunday Zen session with Guest Host Tess Beasley, Music for meditation from Michael Wilding vows with Amaryllis Fletcher & Jesse Cardin. As recorded March 26, 2023.

74' 35"
Video March 29, 2023

Touch & Nearness – Benefits of the Red Thread

Tess Beasley

A short reading extolls the benefits of the Red Thread, from a Sunday Zen session with guest host Tess Beasley. A student of Socrates notes how much he profits from the nearness of the teacher even when the lesson remains obscure. Recorded March 26, 2023.

1' 17"
Video July 29, 2022

Love, Meditation & the Red Thread

John Tarrant

There is a marvelous living side-by-side when we show each other the greatest possible trust—not trying to rush away the feeling of the eternal, together. John Tarrant’s complete Sunday session from July 17, 2022.

78' 51"