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Shishuang's Hundred-Foot Pole (GG46)(BS79)


Shishuang said, “How do you step from the top of the hundred-foot pole?”

Changsha said, “You who sit on the top of a hundred-foot pole,
although you have entered the Way, it is not yet genuine.
Take a step from the hundred-foot pole
and the worlds of the Ten Directions are your total body.

Excerpt from a Verse:
The peach trees, without words, make a path.

—Gateless Gate, Case 46 & Book of Serenity, Case 79

Video November 3, 2023

Fall Sesshin: Bright Virtue – Bankei’s Awakening

Tess Beasley

Bankei’s awakening came through facing his aversion to death. His question, “What is bright virtue?” brought him to Zen early in life. Later, he became one with the field and could fully see whatever he encountered. As your life becomes more whole, everything comes to belong.

45' 2"