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Say a Word of Zen (GG3)(BCR19)(BS84)


While Juzhi (also: Judi) was residing in a small temple, he had a visit from a traveling nun, who came right into the temple without removing her headgear. Carrying her staff with her, she went three times around the meditation chair in which Juzhi was sitting.

Then she said to him, “Say a word of Zen, and I will take off my hat.” She repeated this three times, but Juzhi did not know what to say. When the
nun was about to depart, he said, “It is growing late; why not stay here overnight?”

The nun said, “If you say a word of Zen, I will stay.” As he was still unable to say a word, she left.

—from the Commentary in Gateless Gate Case 3, Blue Cliff Record Case 19, & Book of Serenity Case 84