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Legend of Yellow Crane Pavilion


One day, a Daoist priest visited a tavern. The tavern hostess treated him to one thousand cups of sake. In order to thank her, the priest painted a yellow crane on the wall before leaving. Whenever the crane heard music, it would come down from the wall and start dancing. The tavern became instantly famous and business got better and better.

Ten years later, the priest returned to the tavern. He played his flute and the yellow crane jumped down from the wall. The priest leapt onto the crane and flew off into the sky.

Note: Legend says that the tavern hostess built a tower called Yellow Crane Pavilion on the original site of the tavern.

Video May 3, 2023

The Kingdom Is at Peace

John Tarrant

Nothing like a return from eight days in the hospital—an episode of great pain to make spring even more welcome. John tells his story of being hospitalized, and the legend of the painter of a yellow crane who disappears on the back of his creation. There is nothing to do or dread in pain. The heart opens: there are no barriers in evolving consciousness. Complete Sunday Zen session from April 12, 2023.

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Video May 3, 2023

Watching the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

John remarks on being freed from the hospital after a brush with Covid and more, and feeling our ties to the birds, symbolizing freedom through their ability to take off at will. Also: The legend of the painter who disappeared on the back of a painted crane, and the Zhuangzi’s fish named Kuhn who becomes a bird. Recorded April 23, 2023

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