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Dasui's Fire at the End of the Kalpa (BCR 29)


A student asked Dasui,
“It’s clear that the fire at the end of this kalpa will completely destroy the universe.

I’m still not clear whether there’s something that won’t be destroyed.”
Dasui said, “It will be destroyed.”

“It’ll leave along with everything else?”

“It will leave along with everything else,” said Dasui.

—Blue Cliff Record Case 29 (transl. by John Tarrant & Joan Sutherland)

Video January 11, 2020

Leaning Into the Ancestors

John Tarrant

John’s SRCZC talk on impermanence and rawness of feeling after the great fires in CA and Queensland. He reflects on the importance of internalizing the teachings and the nourishment of our ancestors within us- outside of our normal paths. Teachings after the great Engakuji fire in Chan koan history. The practice of talking to the ancestors – human or otherwise a source of great knowledge.

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