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Zhaozhou's Wash Your Bowls (GG7)


A student asked Zhaozhou, “I have just entered this monastery. I beg you, Teacher, please give me instructions.”
Zhaozhou asked, “Have you eaten your rice gruel yet?”
The student answered, “Yes, I have.”
Zhaozhou said, “Then go wash your bowls.”

—Gateless Gate Case 7


Dharma Theme November 5, 2020

Dharma Theme: Zen Tuesdays – Immensity is Tapping

Allison Atwill, Michelle Riddle, Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

PZI Dharma Theme: Four PZI Guanyins reappear for Zen Tuesdays in October. They marvel at the immensity in all things from various perspectives. Drawing inspiration from Jane Hirshfield’s poem, “Tree,” The Doors’ “Light My Fire,” a golden crowned sparrow, a remarkable brother’s life, and more. Excerpts and complete audio sessions as recorded in October 2020.

201 Words