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Non-Attained Buddha (GG9)

A monk once asked the teacher, “The Buddha of Unsurpassed Wisdom sat on the Bodhi seat for ten kalpas, but did not attain Buddhahood. Why was that?”
“An excellent question,” said teacher.
“Yes, but why did he not attain Buddhahood?”
“Because he was a non-attained Buddha,” the teacher responded.

—Gateless Gate, Case 9

Text October 30, 2023

You Can’t Cage a Koan – Make It a Raft!

John Tarrant, PZI Teachers

In the Blue Dragon’s cave, everything is there. If you think you haven’t seen a dragon, you may be wrong. In fact, who says you’re not a dragon? And if you think you don’t know about koans, you may be wrong, too. Who says you’re not a koan? Transcript of a dharma talk in Summer Sesshin 2020.

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