Linji's Nothing I Dislike (MK38a)


a. There is nothing I dislike.

b. There is a true person of no rank who is constantly coming in and going through the gates of your face.

c. There is a solitary brightness without fixed shape or form. It knows how to listen to the teachings, it knows how to understand the teachings, it knows how to teach. That solitary brightness is you.

d. Wherever you are, just take the role of host, and that place will be a true place.

e. In your life right now, what is it you lack, what is it that practice must mend?

– PZI Miscellanous Koans, Case 38, (Discourses, The Record of Linji)

Text October 22, 2020

The Nature of Practice

John Tarrant

Practice. The notion of practice, as something you embody, and you walk through, and you are—rather than something you add, like something added to gasoline. There’s also a sense of moving in the dark, in some way that’s positive. So that in a practice, “not knowing” is on your side.

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