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If You Get It the First Time (BS76)


Shoushan said, “If you get it the first time, you’ll teach buddhas and ancestors. If you get it the second time, you’ll teach humans and angels. If you get it the third time, you won’t even be able to save yourself.” A student asked, “When did you get it, teacher?” Shoushan said, “The moon sets at midnight; I walk alone through the town.”

—Book of Serenity Case 76

Audio March 2, 2022

Winter Sesshin: What Does It Mean to Get It?

Tess Beasley

In the belly of Winter Sesshin: We are in the time of the pagan festival Imbolc which celebrates the forming of new life before spring. A time in the womb of the earth, and also of masks coming off. We are coming into being in the Temple. February 4. 2022.

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