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Dogen’s Storehouse of Treasures (MK66)


The storehouse of treasures opens of itself. You may take them and use them any way you wish.

—PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 66 (Dogen)


Dharma Theme October 25, 2023
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Dharma Theme April 12, 2023

Dharma Theme: Dragon Teachers & Magical Creatures

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Anything might be in the Blue Dragon’s cave: awakening, memories, sorrows, dance moves—all the possibilities of your life might be there. You just fall into meditation in the Blue Dragon’s cave. Perhaps your whole life is blessed—every struggle and confusion itself.

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Text July 27, 2020

Rising from Stillness Retreat: The Storehouse of Treasures

John Tarrant

The storehouse of treasures opens by itself. You can take them and use them any way you wish. You just step into the storehouse of treasures and something comes to meet you. So you might realize you’re part of it too, you’re part of the mystery. It’s not that everybody else is cool and you’re outside it.

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